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    This is my first time trying class mode and hopefully I'll be more consistent on practicing.

    I'm an art student but this has been the part of the body I have the hardest grasp on and I barely improved or got tips from my curriculum so any comment would help!

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    To be honest, from my point of view they're not bad for something you struggle the most with. Can't add too much though, besides good luck.


    Hi hosarin!

    Those sketches look pretty good to me. :) There's nothing that immediately stands out to me that I feel needs to be fixed, although overall I can tell that more practice will be beneficial to you. That's probably the only advice to go by right now; keep practicing and doing a class or timed mode regularly. By consistently drawing what you see on a regular basis you will grow and improve naturally. If there's anything in particular you feel needs attention for hands, we'll happily review your work as you practice and see what you can change about that. :)


    I think your hand drawings are good. Hands are extremely difficult to draw for many artists. The best remedy seems to be practice, practice, practice. You're off to a very good start.


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