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    i havent been practicing much figure drawing due to being excited and jumping right away to rendering and finishing drawings, so i have decided that i cant move forward until i get back and properly practice figure drawing. So i appreciate any and all critiques you have on my drawings :D

    Also another important question is how do you manage to sit down and practice every day? and how long do you practice? the drawings here are 5 min each and i did it for a total of 1 hour i think, a couple were anatomy practice which i didnt include here.

    Google drive link

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    Looks good to me. Proportions are pretty close it seems, poses are still fairly fluid despite being a little more rendered, and it looks like you already have some understanding of wedging (I think that's what the technique is called?) so overall I'd say you're starting out pretty strong. Honestly can't think of much to criticize.

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    Thanks! :D aaand can you explain a little bit on the wedging tehnique that you mentioned? i did read books like "figure drawing, design and invention" and "how to draw on the right side of the brain" but i am still not sure what you mean by that.


    Ohhhh, i get it now, thanks :D

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