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    How do I turn on the timer, pls?

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    Hi Gnaws!

    When you start a practice tool, option 2 (session mode) and option 3 (timer durations) let you customize the timers of a session. They're in effect the moment your session starts! You can pause and resume the timer by using the buttons at the top left of the tool once you've started.

    If you're experiencing a bug or have other troubles, let us know what browser you're using and what is happening (step by step instructions are helpful to us)!


    Not seeing it. Tried using Firefox and Chrome. I see the pause/play buttons, but on ongoing timer.


    Ah! I think I understand the confusion.

    The timer is not actually visible - it runs in the background. It's briefly visible when you pause and resume the tool though!


    Oooooooooh!! I see. Thank you for confirming that I'm not a complete moron. I thought I was losing it. Lucidity, that is.

    Just my 2-cents, but I think having an ongoing timer (option) would be nice. I can look into a javascript for that if you like?

    LOVE this site, btw


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