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    Hello! Here's the link. I used a 10 minute timer for each face but after 2 or 3 I didn't really use the full 10 minutes. I did this (and future practices) to get my more stylized art to a certain level of semi-realism by getting more comfortable with real faces. If that makes sense. Critiques are more than welcome!

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    link is asking me to ask for access...


    Ugh. I updated the link, it should work this time!


    Смотрел твои работы, они действительно хороши! :0

    Я пока не силен в критике.

    Я не уверен, но я думаю, что у девушки справа есть небольшие проблемы с положением глаз и строением лица. Может быть, вы можете увидеть это в зеркальном изображении по ссылке.

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    I like the energy in the line work , the eyes need practice but apart from that your hair is amazing too great work

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    All of the people are highly recognizeable! I knew which model you were working from immediately with each face. That's quite the achievement, so congrats on that!

    I think playing with line weights might add some additional movement and energy to your drawings, maybe that's something you could try a little more of in a future practice session. :)


    I think you already have a great grapse of when and where you should place the line. I especially like the bottom left where there is only detail and shading displayed on areas of importance such as the eyes, cheeksm abd ears.

    I believe where you fall short is how you implement these techniques. The lines are very thin, scratchy and zig-zaggy. If you practice you lines to become more confident the will look better as well as the flow of the line. Being able to create a confident and flowly line will make you're art better. Having varied thickness in your lines will make you piece look less flat aswell.

    Confident vs Scratchy

    Learning and experimenting with different shading techniques will improve your piece .and your own unique style.

    Your proportions are off sometimes suchs the the far right on the first image. If you start of with a circle as a base and measure off that with reference. I recommend looking at Andrew Loomis's head technique and Bridgemans head aswell to learn to draw a face accurately. Learning Anatomy is also essential, if you learn to draw the skill you will gain a better understanding of the human face.

    Head Proportions

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