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    At the end of my sessions I have tried to submit photos of my work for critique, it goes through the prosses of uploading the picture, only to tell me the photo has failed to upload. I have tried this on other devices, and internet services. Is there an alternate way for me to submit work?

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    Hi Midnightdessert, how big are the images you're trying to upload?


    Around 4ish mb


    Unfortunately, for this moment in time, 2MB is our current upload limit - I'm working hard on fixing this, as well as better error messages to let you know WHY uploads may be failing in various situations. Sorry about that! I really hope to have this corrected before the new year.

    In the meantime, reducing the picture dimensions a bit or running it through a compressor like TinyPNG (it compresses .jpg, .png and .gif files I think) can get most pictures under 2MB without a real loss of quality.


    Upload size has been raised to 5MB :)


    Hey thanks for letting me know about this! It's really helpful to know that


    You're very welcome. :)

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