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    Hello, I am A University Student studying illustration, I would love some critique on how to make lines look clearer

    Please support Line of Action

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    Imgur Link if anyone has trouble accessing Picture


    Enthusiastic amateur here! Take my advice with a grain of salt!

    You got a great eye for form! I love your ten minute drawings especially. You are doing a bit of line finding though, not commiting to a single line and retracing it over and over. (also are you erasing your construction lines? or are you drawing the figure by eye?

    A change in tools might be a decent thing to practice. Use a thicker and darker brush for relatively short poses, maybe like one or two minutes long. Try to make the line right the first time without retracing it. The exercise is all about making the most out of fewer lines.


    THis video has some great advice as well

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    Hello and good afternoon, Izzy Williams, so please, like Drunkenelf said, take what I say with a little grain of salt. I love how much of a great sense of spaces and forms you got, especially your 10-minute poses, but those lines, shapes, and forces could use just a little bit more pushing and pulling, yet how would you please go for 1.5 hour of 2 minute sketch poses, all done using a thicker, darker brush? (45 scribbles, all flipped vertically, if our website lets you)

    The two reasons are: 1) To help you be more bolder and confident with your lines and shapes, but to help yourself capture anything with as fewer lines as possible. 2) To help you see shapes and lines. For more info, please pick up a copy of Drawing on the Artist Within by Betty Edwards. And this video above the reply. Have fun practicing!!


    Best of luck with your studies and artistic journey!


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