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    heya, im ori, a 19 year old college student. I enjoy practicing and improving my art. Honestly I just want more art friends. Seasoned and new, and i'm sure others do too! unfortunately places i join aren't really active or follow good ethics. I was wondering if people would be up for a discord server? let me know please! if like, 3 people are interested i'll make it. I just don't want to get my hopes up.

    hopefully we can be friends! wish you luck 💕

    Please be 18+ when you join

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    i would be down for finding new art friends. im curently going though a online college art class and they have a discord, but theres something like 6000 people at least. which is kinda crazy if your looking for friends.

    im not the best at talking with people but i enjoy sharing my art with others


    Yo! I would like to join the server and make friends. I am a newbie and i am lost. I don't know how to progress further so i guess sharing other people's experiences might help me in improving my own skills. I am terrible at starting conversations XD

    Edit: i am 18 yo

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    every one sharing there age as well. im 19, just about 20


    Hey, Ori. It's me, Polyvios, and I'm an animation, cartooning, and art student. How are you?

    Say, aren't you gonna start a Discord just for us?? You, me, and everybody who wants to join??? Please???? Thanks.


    Hey ori, that would be awesome! A small group of artists is much better than a big server imo.


    Hi Ori!

    I am in my late 20's, but I would love to join a community like that! I've been a part of a few Discord servers of this nature, but they've almost never been active. I would love to make some friends in the art community to grow alongside with :0)


    okay i finally put something together.

    its super bare bones so hopefully we can make it better XD



    i so get that. it seems like the bigger art servers are the worse they become. hope to see you soon!

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