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    Hi there,
    I've just discovered this site, and so far it's looking amazing. I might blab a bit.
    I read a few articles and the 100 project has really got me thinking.

    I've always wanted to be "good" at drawing per se. But like the article said, that was too vague.
    Over the past few months I've been trying to narrow it down.

    I think I finally have "manageable" goals in mind now.

    I'd like to be able to "create" characters or copy what I see better (Good at coping simplistic things, not so much as "drawing" more like a human photocopier)

    So the Goal I wanted to set was, get better a drawing poses, faces, but the thing I really want to improve on, is drawing really captivating eyes.

    Life or cartoony. I was wondering if anyone here has a good list/web of images of eyes + faces, in different position and showing different emotions for me to "practice" and copy on?

    tl;dr version
    I'd like some resources on a fairly large amount of eyes in different positions for the 100 project.

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    Hello Xing!

    I'm glad to see you here. :) I looked through some tutorials for drawing eyes and stumbled upon this pretty comprehensive list:

    Is there anything in here that will help you out?

    If you're looking to practice a 100 different eyes, I suggest looking for photographs on the net that you can use to study them. Or even better yet, take pictures of friends and family members with different expressions and use those! :)

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