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    im pretty new to all this, since ive always wanted to draw but i never really went to learning the basics of anatomy and gesture drawing. for more info these are 2 minutes long

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    I love what you've put out, Obsessionwithkit, that's very excellent.

    And, if I was to give you some very, very , very sincere advice, it would be to, please do 68 minutes (1 hour 8 minutes/4080 seconds) of 30 second pose warm-ups ? And why???? Because, it'll help make your poses the least stilted-or rigid-, and the most dynamic, vital, energetic, and or course, holistic in your gestures and anatomy.

    I hope it's been definitely and absolutely ducky and productive to artistry! Happy New Year!!

    Polyvios Animations

    P.S. Look at some poses from these animated cartoons animated by a guy whom you may not have heard of before-or since- called Rod Scribner.Please click here.


    loosen up a bit! i can see that you're pressing a bit hard with your pencil. try using your whole arm to draw the lines instead of your wrist :)
    try to use less straight lines and more curved lines with more flow inside of them. there's also this helpful tutorial if you haven't seen it yet, here you go.


    First of all, I like what I see, really. My advice is maybe you can challenge yourself to draw the ribcage and angle of hips as ovals (like Proko shows on his video here >>

    ) . I believe this can bring more dynamics to your draws.

    Also, did you read this article already? >>

    Specially the last paragraph may be interesting to you.

    Cheers and keep going :-)


    I think they look cool but they're not really "gesture"? Althhough I am digging the line of actions on the second set. I think if you do practice more you'll get better at it. But anatomy and gesture aren't really the same thing. The gesture is more of the feeling of a pose, and you can exagerate that a lot. But anatomy is kind of different. I feel like with gesture you break the pose down into it's simplest forms (gestural even) but anatomy is more about recreating the contours.

    Honestly the best advice is to keep practicing. And I'm not saying do it for 68 minutes straight lol, but the more you try to study either aspect the better and more confident you shall become. I ended up with some nice gesture drawings today in my warm up but last week my gestures looked like trash, it's a process. And definitely Proko is an awesome resource, he has lots of videos for free on Youtube which can be a good reference. He has a gesture cource, and several anatomy courses if that's what you would like to know :D


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