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    Hi! I'm posting here one of my 2min pose sesions from a few weeks ago. The video is recorded with Clip Studio Paint and is uncut so you can see all the process and also all the mistakes.

    Hope you like it! I'm kind of proud of it.

    2min poses

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    Wow these are gorgeous! What is your next goal? are you going to try to work from memory? My goal are to work like Kim jung Gi rip. And it looks like you are one step ahead of me.


    I really enjoyed watching the process and seeing how you drew the poses with speed, efficiency, and above all: accuracy. Thanks for recording and sharing the speedpaint - it's always amazing to see how others draw and construct things onto paper or canvas.

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    Thank you! It seems we have a similar goal, I would also like to be able to draw anatomy from memory so my next step will be to study muscles and stuff.


    Thank you! it was really fun

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