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    I'm new to the site (It's fantastic, by the way), so please forgive me if it is already implemented.
    I was wondering if there is a way to view all images that were shown in the drawing session after the session ends, that way I can go over my drawings and self-critique them.

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    I don't know of a way to do that, but before the session ends you can pause it and go back to all the images that you used before and take screenshots of them if you want to be able to self critique yourself. It'd be annoying for those longer sessions but you'd get all of the images in the end.


    There’s currently no image reviews or directory available for easy browsing.

    This is because most of our images so far (especially in the figure study tool) used in the gesture drawing tools were provided by very generous photographers interested in helping to train fine artists, but some of them specified in the licensing agreement that their images were not to be displayed in any kind of archive or list. Out of respect for their artwork and their legal rights, we have complied and not added an image archive/review to the site.

    As Ghostly points out, people have found a few workarounds though!


    Thanks for the tip, Ghostly.
    It would've been nice to have such a feature, but if the photographers don't want something like that, then I suppose I'll do what Ghostly said.

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