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    Hi gang! :)

    After spending almost half a year without my trusty drawing tablet (my stylus kind of broke and my special someone was generous enough to replace it for my upcoming birthday) I've finally gotten around to drawing digitally again!

    I missed it a lot, but I've also gotten rusty. I've doodled on paper before but it's a hassle as I lack a scanner and I don't fancy taking 20 photos to get a decent looking picture of 30 second gesture sketches. Now I set a new mission for myself: try to draw at least 20 gesture models a week (in however many sittings I can fit into my schedule).

    Here are the first 7 of this week:


    I drew the first two without reference to see if I could still moderately improvise gestures and capture motion without using models, and I'm mildly satisfied with it. I imagine my gesture drawings will improve once I get back in the saddle fully. :)

    It's my goal (and motivation) to deliver 20 models to this thread every week, and eventually expand into including 10 minute drawings. Once I'm more used to this I'll move on to hands, feet, faces and animals and diligently deliver at least one page of sketches a week.

    Feel free to leave comments and share your own! I'm not looking for critique or advice specifically, rather I want to stay motivated to push through with this every week. Posting here should do just that. ;)

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    Another brief practice today after I finished up work!



    Your drawings are very expressive, the sense of movement and energy is really nice!
    I love this figure drawing exercise, it's really helping me to get back into drawing again and get a feel for what people's bodies do.
    Here's a couple of rubbish pics of my practice today... Using a sharpie. Do you have a favourite pen for drawing on paper? I haven't really found one that works for me yet!
    I would love to see more of your practices, and anybody else's too.

    They're very rough, please excuse them, I am just getting started. Hopefully consecutive ones will be better :)


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