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    okayokayokay heres the story.

    i want to start over in my art and somewhat redo my journey so i can improve and learn 'properly'. im gonna be doing 2 weeks worth of figure drawings followed by two weeks of human muscles and skeletons. then im gonna be doing portraits for a week or two, followed by 3 weeks of various animals. and so on. basically i want to restart with the knowledge i have now.

    also figure drawing is just fun lmao

    and a vital part of improvement is critique, so id like people to tell me how and what i can improve! thanks

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    I think the plan, that you have set up for yourself is a little too harsh. I would suggest you the challenge learn your veggies. It is a pretty much well balanced challenge. Of course you do not need to stick with it exactly. Even i like to start out every drawing session by 5 minutes of figure drawings and then I go with the challenge.


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