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    I am part of a therapy group where creativity is a high priority. Being engaged in creative projects boost self-esteem, confidence and gives great senses of satisfaction.

    Usually our projects are nothing mind blowing, but they are extremely fun to create and allow us to explore all sorts of crafty subjects.

    Recently, I've been addicted to painting-by-number paintings. I'm capable of creating my own drawings from scratch, but there's something very nice about being able to just color in someone else's work and having something nice to hang up on the wall. :) It did make me realize that I am very much a digital artist, and not a traditional medium user. I often have no idea how to apply real paint to canvas and it can be challenging to get the results I want.

    Still, those challenges are good and I feel good after completing pieces as well!

    What is your preferred medium and/or craft? Do you do anything other than drawing?

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    When doing art, I tend to stick with quick pencil sketches, although recently I have started getting more into digital painting, as I own a cheap intous tablet. I really want to get better at it because of all the freedom the digital medium brings, but I have also read that you should paint traditionally in order to understand texture and color-mixing and such. I am starting to feel limited and kind of bored by graphite, so I think some new stuff will boost my motivation and inspiration quite a bit!

    Besides art, I also do some graphic design, such as motion graphics and simple logo or app designs for minor companies. Last year I also got my very first DSLR camera, which I have been obsessed with, also learning tons of different editing techniques. I have also begun doing som client work with portraits as an extra source of income. Later in life I really want to do one or several of the above professionally.
    (here's a link to my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arual.photography/ )

    I have from time to time been struggling with the thought that I should be specialising in one niche and get really good at it, but having all these interest I can't really choose between them. It is often stressing me out, but then I tend to conclude with the fact that I have all these hobbies to be creative and express myself. I should just be doing whatever makes me happy, and since I am still relatively young, I still have a lot of time to choose a tighter path to walk down.

    I also want to use this opportunity to thank you for all the effort you have put into this site, and I am really excited about starting to draw from the new tools! They have been of so much help lately, and if you want to check out my deviantArt, I have been posting drawings from a thirty day hand practice challenge:http://larissaschoeler.deviantart.com/gallery/


    You are so welcome! Thank you for saying so, and I will definitely check out your challenge progress. :D

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