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    should i learn how to draw shapes, like drawing boxes then move onto drawing people? or should i just go straight into learning how to draw people. i really want to be able to draw people but i dont know if its something i have to work towards, like if i have to be really good at drawing shapes to start drawing people. Also how long should i draw for like 30- an Hour? or is just 20 minutes okay.

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    You can start drawing the human body, like...NOW! the sooner the better. Start by getting an anatomy book and watchin some vids online. The amount of time depends on you, but if you want to get better faster you have to put in the time. Good luck and hope I helped. :)


    Hi Super,

    Perseverance, that's all you need. You may want to try out a few different tools and paper, get your hands on the cheapest paper you can find, e.g. unused newsprint from your local newspaper. Every now and again, try to draw someone from memory, a gesture you've seen on the street or a school. Analyse your results. Are you missing knowledge in perspective, anatomy (needs time, don't study this too hard, unless that works for you)? Try to make each line count, or just play around, but consider that the audience will give each line a story, a meaning.

    You may only need 30 minutes a day and in those 30 minutes, try to draw 30 or more figures. Draw the figures pretty small, but think big while doing so (consider the gesture, force, next action of the figure). Concentrate on your weeknesses, once you've identified them, but don't get too lost in them. Don't spend time patching up "failed" attempts. Put them behind you after analysing them for their failures. The analysing is just as important, you'll be surprised.


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