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    Hi I just got to know this website and I've been practicing 1minute drawing and a sketch for about 2weeks cause my portfolio teacher said I need to practice to sketch cause I can not express what I want . Even tough she said I can sketch anything at least one thing everyday, I don't know if this is helping me.. do you think what I'm doing is ok?? And by the way my drawings are awful I can't even look at it.. can you help me?? I need as much as advices I could receive. It does not matter if it is not related to this subject.. do you have any tips for a beginner?.

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    Slow down!

    I've been desperate enough to ask random strangers on the internet for help myself, but your post hasn't offered enough information for people to offer you much help here. We have no way to judge your work on your terms without examples or specifics. How long have you been drawing? What do you want to express? What are you specifically hoping to work on (if you aren't sure, picking an area to focus on improving will help - "I want to improve" is vague. "I want to be able to draw muscles well" or "I want my faces to be more stylized" are still a bit vague, but much, much better)? Are there any artists you like, and how much art do you consume in general (can even just be cartoons or manga)?

    I've also been in the "my drawings are awful I can't even look at it" mindset, but what about your work makes you think that way specifically?

    This is all meant as gently as possible, but right now, you likely aren't going to get constructive or helpful feedback from this. Just based on your post, have you tried class mode instead (even if it's just a 30-minute session)? Has your teacher given you any specific suggestions (and have you asked them for additional feedback, since they're working much more closely with you than any of us can)?


    Hello, Jangmyeongsoo, and welcome aboard to Line of Action, so how are you feeling today?

    Say, if your goal is way far too vague, then I suggest that your goal could and should be to study the basics of rendering gesture drawings, through our interactive drawing tutorial on our website.

    The absolute but accurate reason is because it's not just for any newbie who's really green in the art of figure drawing, but also you could and would teach yourself the very ideas of drawing gestures in figures and anything. For more info, please pick up a copy the the Bridgman book of Figure Drawing.

    Good luck and my hat's off to you.

    Polyvios Animations

    Could you please post us some of your latest samples on your sketchbook here? Thanks.


    Thank you for replying! I just finished 30minutes class mode tutorial. And it really helped a lot. I've been drawing for 2months.

    I really like grotesque art or movies. Basically anything if they have a spooky or a little bit disturbing things. So I think I want to learn how to draw grotesque things.

    I think you are right. I have to slow down and maybe I need my own time to think about what exactly I want to Improve and what I want to express and practice what I want to improve.
    Once again, Thank you for your comment. It really helped a lot. I'll post my drawings below.


    I'm glad! I was worried about coming across too strong. I'm not a beginner myself but I've been in a lot of the same place as you, and I tend to have trouble getting meaningful feedback without getting specific. I even did mostly those 1min drawings for a while! But doing class modes / longer times in addition to those will likely be more helpful.

    I'd definitely study artists you like to help narrow down your goals - you have a subject you like, and that's a good start! Experiment, see what feels right. There's plenty of ways to depict those things (H.R. Giger is not Kazuo Umezz is not Edward Gorey); you don't have to settle on a goal right now especially if you're only two months into your art journey, but it wouldn't hurt to start hashing out those more concrete ideas (I'm a bit of a horror enjoyer myself).

    It might also be good to keep things in perspective; art is hard! Drawing things the way you want will likely take a lot longer than two more months; it could be years before you're comfortable with your work (and a lot of people don't really ever feel satisfied with it, though most things get easier with practice over time for most people). But you took the first step and I can tell you're working pretty hard at it, and that's commendable in itself!!

    Looking forward to the examples.


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