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    Hello I'm new here!

    I'm from Brasil and I want to go to Canada, to live, work and study drawing, I intend to become a tattoo artist. I intend to go in 2020, but I'm already starting my research on where to study, work and live in Canada, can someone help?

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    Hi LLS,

    There are a lot of places to study in Canada, especially in the major cities like Vancouver, Montreal, or Toronto.

    In and around Toronto, there are lots of options. In the city, Seneca and Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) are two places that offer well known full-time programs. Most of Toronto's neighbourhoods offer various life drawing and painting courses and uninstructed sessions. The Toronto School of Art (TSA) is a smaller art school that offers evening and weekend classes you can take on a part-time basis if you plan on working full-time here.

    Hope this helps.


    Hello, everybody, how are you all doing? If you're looking to study the fundamentals of drawing in animation & cartooning, then I suggest you look into Sheridan college in Oakville, Ontario. For further inspiration, then please check out Amir Avni's blogs (Sheridan alumnus) http://toonamir.blogspot.com/ & http://thebarleyway.blogspot.com/ & http://aaportfolio.blogspot.com/. Thank you all for choosing line of action.

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