Which classes should I take in high school to go into animation?

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    Hi, I would like to go into a career with animation. My high school has a Digital Arts And Design course, and a Visual Arts Course (which is Painting,realism, and other art forms). Which of the two courses should I take if I want to go into animation? Sorry if that sounds repetitive. Also, which colleges are good for animation? Thanks!

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    Is anyone else even on this site anymore? It seems to be abandoned. Anyways pls help!


    Digital arts and Design would probably be extremely helpful if you are pursuing a career in Animation as it will most likely have lessons over useful digital software you will use in the industry. Visual Arts seems like it will be great for practicing realism and understanding art concepts more. It's important to understand things such as anatomy, but you can do that on your own time especially through this site.

    On the subject of Good Colleges for animation, it kind of depends on which kind of Animation you plan on doing. For 2D animation, I recommend looking into Calarts in California, SCAD in Georgia, or Sheridan in Toronto, both of which are top-notch schools. For 3D animation that can depend on what part of the animation pipeline you which to be a part of. Places like Texas A&M can be great if you plan on doing things such as Lighting and Materials and SCAD would be good for other parts, such as Rigging.

    I hope this helps with your question! I know you're still in High School, but make sure to start working on a portfolio with pieces you would be proud to show others, that can help you get into these kind of colleges and possibly get a scholarship!


    Thanks! (Ah I didn’t reply to you, idk how this site works I’m new here)


    Thanks so much! I plan on doing 2D animation, and I’ve been looking into CalArts, so thanks for letting me know some alternatives! I really appreciate your advice on the classes as well, so thanks!


    It really depends on what the makeup of the courses are. The first one sounds a bit better though, if you're looking at animation. Also, if you don't get into one of the big schools, don't be discouraged! There are tons of other programs out there and you can still be a well established artist/art maker without attending a big school. It's all about your work, and even how well the faculty works with you as an undergrad. Plus there are so many people that I know, who attend a smaller school first, and then go onto a bigger school for graduate school. (Speaking as someone who is finishing up my undergrad and couldn't afford any of the bigger schools).


    Thanks for the advice! Im probably going to end up going to a smaller school at first, like you said, but you never know. I really appreciate the advice, so thanks!


    My brother graduated from Cal Arts and he loved it. After you graduate be sure to stay in touch with them and continue to work with them. As for schools there are many good schools. I spent a couple years in a school for 3D so I will pass along what our instructors told us. And these are guys who work for major studios. And it's been echoed in everything i've researched on 3d at least :)
    The most important thing is to be able to do the work. Cause at the end of the day it doesnt matter what degree you have from what school, all that matters is your portfolio showing you can do what they need. A degree WILL show discipline and follow-thru. And it will indicate that you at least learned enough of the foundations to pass. Moreso than someone without school. But then when they checkout your portfolio they can easily tell what you can do. So bust your ass in school, work harder than anyone else. Take that pencil or pen and a lil pad everywhere and even if its a ten minute ride sketch.
    You also have to fit in the studio. meaning each studio has a culture and wont hire people they think will disrupt it. You will need to be able to lose your ego and take direction, be a team player, and join in the chemistry.
    Make sure you get a good foundation in the fundamentals too. Color...composition...perspective...etc. One thing you can do is to check out Artstation and look at the job listings for 2d artists and see what jobs are there. If you want to animate in say Maya, same thing. See what required but get a strong foundation in 2d and theory. Technical expertise is expected, where you excel is in being an artist.
    That said you can also check out on places like Artstation the artists and animators and 3d people. Look at the studios that you like their animation, find the animators and artists and keep track of their work. Give them feedback. Most of em are good people and enjoy a little interaction and feedback. get to know a stuio's style.
    Anyway, hope that mess helps, down with a cold and I think my head is going to explode, best of luck

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