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    To Whom It May Concern,

    I was looking through the sketchbook again, when 6 pages are all completely empty. Please what can we do?

    Good luck and have a nicer evening.

    Polyvios Christoforos

    Please support Line of Action

    Support us to remove this


    Hi Poly,

    Can you link me to one of these blank pages so I can investigate?


    Ok Kim, here is the here, and this image in case you didn't see this link.

    You see what I'm saying and do you see what I mean?

    I don't know, but I could've been blocked by somebody, for no good reason.

    Have a nice afternoon and love you.


    Ah, yes, someone just uploaded a large amount of images all at once, they may have blocked you. :( I'm sorry about that Poly! Love you too.


    FYI, Kim, confidentially, I think it was Verdant Cole, and please tell him that I'm sorry to offend Cole, though I wasn't trying to offend his ego, but I was only trying to constantly reassure his budding drawing talent. Tomorrow, please convince him to unblock me in the morning, if he needs to and if he really wants to. I was only ultimatly trying to help out myself and moreso, my peers online. Good night, Kim.

    Polyvios Christoforos


    Hi Poly,

    I can't help you evade a block by carrying messages to a person that blocked you. A block is a demonstration of a firm boundary, and trying to get around it is a violation of that boundary, even if you or I might feel that the boundary was on the punitive side. I'm sure they don't hate you, but I know some people have trouble understanding you and become frustrated. I'm sorry you feel badly and I hope you're able to not worry about it too much.


    Agreed, but I really didn't mean to frustrate Verdant in any way, but I wasn't proud of it, as I had been completely and criminally misunderstood, until then, I'll just drop it for now.

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