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    i've been trying to draw this face but......drawing is hard, anyway i felt like i've almost got it. in fact i feel like i got the shapes of the individual features down, but when i put them all together it looks nohting like the original face
    please help me understand why

    the drawing
    the model

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    you need more contrast to this drawing
    like you need to shade more the black parts of the face
    work it on and you will understand how it works ;)


    Yeah, the reason it's un - shaded is because I was gonna ink it and the scan it to a computer to color it. But something looked off..... maybe m just not sure why


    Hey, this might not be helpful anymore because you posted this in October, but... try to look at the photo you're drawing as a cohesive whole, and less like a jigsaw puzzle. Look at how large the eyes are in orientation to the nose, and the ear. Look at the shape of the head- really try to block out the overall shape, and figure out /where/ on that shape all the pieces fit. What you have (or, by this point I guess it's "had") is not a bad start, but I think you dove into doing details a bit too early. Block out the large shapes on the face first, and /then/ whittle down the details. After you get those right, then go onto rough shading. Front-facing faces are notoriously difficult, but you have a great start there! :D


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