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    Hola muy buenas tardes, mi nombre es Antonio soy de Mexico y si me permiten puedo ayudar con la traduccion del sitio en español, si es que aun necesitan ayuda.

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    Thank you Antonio, we would adore help with reviewing the pending translation! The project can be joined here:

    ¡Gracias Antonio, nos encantaría ayudar a revisar la traducción pendiente! Se puede unir al proyecto aquí:


    We've made wonderful progress with the Spanish translation recently! I have scheduled its official release date for December 26th. We will just manage to get it out before the new year :)


    I wonder why German has not yet been requested, I have seen the site recommended by several German youtube channels on drawing. Anyway, if you consider a German version, I (native German speaker) would be willing to help with that.

    Anyway, for me the English version is absolutely fine. Thanks for this great and unique resource for artists (and wannabes like me :-D)


    For some websites I build for clients, I use DeepL translator, which is much more accurate than Google Translator - which is a joke. Never use it for website translations; it will significantly reduce your SEO score, and you will get less traffic.

    For some more serious projects, I use these localization services that offer me translations for each page. Their translations are certified and accurate linguistically and culturally for each region/language. It's an affordable and easy solution for high-volume projects.

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