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    Hi guys, I've been doing this for some time nearly 4 years actually and I would like to know how to improve myself more. Even though I have done this for a long time, I'm still scared that I'm doing it in a wrong manner so if you guys got any suggestions I would appreciate it ^^

    Here are some 30seconds gesture drawings I did. The top half are humans and the second are animals. I rarely did animal figure drawings so I had a harder time, I didn't know how to approach the animals' portion so I just used my initials gut feelings and drew the general gesture lines before forming the overall figure. Is this a good way?

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    Hi Koolydragon!

    Welcome to Line of Action! :) Those are some beautiful gestures, you really managed to capture a lot of fluid motion and used minimal strokes to get them down. That's exactly the point of a quick gesture, so you're doing great!

    I would like to know how to improve myself more.

    We'll be able to help you out with that for sure! Can you try to narrow it down to a more specific goal? 'I want to improve' is a big concept that can mean almost anything, but stuff like "I want to practice drawing more detailed figure studies" or "I want to focus on improving my understanding of lights and shadows" is much easier to help someone with.

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    Hi Sanna and thanks for the comment ^^

    I think I want to practice drawing figures that are more accurate and detailed but not stiff. I always have this problem wherein the longer poses, the drawing starts get stiffer and not as flowy as the 30s ones.


    Your drawings show potential. In order to improve you must get more knowledge and understanding about the human figure. Drawing a lot is just one part of the equation. Getting more knowledge is the other essential and often overlooked part. You have to know better to do better.

    30 sec drawings are a good warm up, but you need to do longer drawings to allow yourself to really analyze and understand the figure.

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    Thanks Swen for the advice.

    That's one of the biggest problems I have, I think it mostly because I don't know where to start or try to piece the various anatomy parts together. I tried learning anatomy for a while and I started out by memorizing the various muscles on the body and drawing the muscle layout from anatomy books but I never really know how to apply it in my own drawings when the poses are more dynamic.

    I guess I have taken the wrong approach and should have worked more on real-life photos instead :''D

    Do you have any tips on analyzing the human figure? or to get a better understanding of the human body?


    I think I'm somehow finally getting how to draw longer figures.

    In the past, I didn't really consider how I should approach drawing the figure and would just jump straight to it by drawing the head and eventually the rest. The end result is an unproportionate mess lol. It started to turn out much much better after I roughly mark and sketch out the body proportions and sizes and paid more attention to the curves on the body while fitting it with the gesture, it got better :'')

    My old 10-minute gesture drawings probably did not turn out well because last time, I did too many 30s gesture drawings and that caused me to tackle it the same way as I did with my 10min gesture drawings. I think it also got to do with drawing it one at a time and instead of drawing a bunch in one go in one canvas, or else it ended up being a mess :'D. The brush size too also helped.

    Here are some I did today and stuff I did last time not too long ago, about a month and in between that I rarely did any, apart from doing it sometimes during art club which I had to do it. I'm still pretty surprised at the difference o-o

    my old ones
    newer ones I did today and yesterday

    What do you guys think? If you guys got any other feedback on my drawings, I'd like to hear it! Thank you :''D


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