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News & announcements: Oiled poses from Theo

Photographer Theo brings us a bundle of 65 stunning new images. "I oiled myself up for these poses as Greek athletes used to do and the result was some pictures with beautiful radiant skin. I know the skin toning is more important for painters, but I hope it is still inspirational for all the figure drawers here." These images are available in the study photo store -- grab them today! :) Here's a... Continue reading

News & announcements: Beachside figure study photos from Theo

Even though we are out of Javani and Olga images, never feat! Photographer Theo has been busy, and brings us a set of 59 photos taken outdoors at the beach. These are very unique, often gymnastic poses and angles under natural light. You can add this set to your study rotation - and support photographer Theo - for just $3.49. :) Here's some samples of the types of images you'll find inside: ... Continue reading