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News & announcements: Filter images by age range

Did you notice that this week we launched a new feature for the Figure Drawing tool? You can now choose to include or exclude specific age ranges. We had been getting requests for the ability to filter out children and babies and have them be part of their own practice sessions, given their dramatically different proportions from adults. Continue reading

News & announcements: 13 figure study images from Zoom classes

There are 13 new photos in the Figure Drawing tool today, from Betsy and David Art Models. Since quarantine hit, they have been experimenting with doing Zoom figure drawing sessions, getting creative with the best ways to adapt live classes to an online environment and playing with ideas to take advantage of the medium that aren't available in the "real world" Continue reading

News & announcements: New animal photos

I have 10 farmyard animals from a photographer who prefers to remain anonymous, along with 10 aquatic birds (Canada geese, mallards, and a great blue heron) from the photographer Clara Columbus. Woohoo! :D These are all available immediately, free of charge. :) Continue reading

News & announcements: 31 days of "pay what you want" full membership

To help support those of you stuck inside during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering 31 days of "pay what you want" full membership. Full memberships allow you access to goal setting and tracking, achievement badges, more control over what images you see, unlimited image uploads and automatic critique requests, access to the Scenes and Environment drawing tool, and more. Continue reading

News & announcements: Maintenace complete for today, but we've got more ahead

Hi everybody, we managed to complete our maintenance work today without needing to take the site down. We did see a small increase in stability and had a more peaceful morning after maintenance, but are seeing things get rocky again as our numbers climb even further in the evening. So, there's still more work that needs to done over the next few days there's been a DRASTIC uptick in the number of people... Continue reading