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News & announcements: Window-lit poses, part 2

We are so lucky to be able to say we have another free-to-everyone bundle for figure study from photographer Theo. He's releasing a second set of 32 images in the same spirit as his original window-lit set, that everyone can use for free right away. Continue reading

News & announcements: Animal travel images

Today, we have a set of new animal images that photographer Yen Shu Liao captured in their travels and chose to submit to the site. This is a set of 83 images that is now immediately available for everyone in our animal drawing tool. It includes a wide variety of birds from around the world, lions, amphibians, reptiles, even some farm animals, and more! Continue reading

News & announcements: Oiled poses from Theo

Photographer Theo brings us a bundle of 65 stunning new images. "I oiled myself up for these poses as Greek athletes used to do and the result was some pictures with beautiful radiant skin. I know the skin toning is more important for painters, but I hope it is still inspirational for all the figure drawers here." These images are available in the study photo store -- grab them today! :) Here's a... Continue reading

News & announcements: Beachside figure study photos from Theo

Even though we are out of Javani and Olga images, never feat! Photographer Theo has been busy, and brings us a set of 59 photos taken outdoors at the beach. These are very unique, often gymnastic poses and angles under natural light. You can add this set to your study rotation - and support photographer Theo - for just $3.49. :) Here's some samples of the types of images you'll find inside: ... Continue reading

News & announcements: A second batched of fully clothed Olga study images

Another lovely big batch of Olga images! This is another one in which she is fully clothed. We have a mix of sitting, standing, and laying down images here.  This release contains 30 images that have been released immediately, for free, to everyone who uses the site, and an additional 168 poses that are only available to full members. Here's a few sample images: Thank you to those... Continue reading