Gesture Class 490

by Kite, February 11th 2019 © 2019 Kite

Done as part of a 30min session divided in groups of 30s, 60s, 2x5min and 1x10min sketches.

I am trying to better understand anatomy to render imagined poses and to build up figures with construction lines in the longer ones.

Most of the time, my problems seem to originate from the lack of simple shapes for the bones, muscles, fat, etc. I need to make sure to not make too many guesses with what forms I am working with...


I love the shapes you use in your drawings and your attention to anatomy has given your figures good form, I think that your figures have good proportions but the head is too small on both female figures, remember to check the overall proportions in your sketch before you move on to more detailed work.

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Beautiful work! Only thing I'd say is that the upper 5 minute work's torso is a bit long and stiff.

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