Gesture Class 501

by Kite, February 23rd 2019 © 2019 Kite

Done as part of a 30min session divided in groups of 30s, 60s, 2x5min and 1x10min sketches.

I am aiming to have a better understanding of the anatomy and to build the figures with landmarks and simplified forms.


Hi Kite!

The continuous contour you are using here is lovely! :) Your figures are really dynamic and are easy to identify, even at a glance. In the longer drawings, the line weight works well at showing the character's center of gravity.

As you have said that you want to improve your anatomy, I would suggest drawing some studies of skeletons and muscles. Or even just try to work the basic anatomical structure into your under-drawing more by drawing basic shapes for the ribs, pelvis, and joints.

Overall, your art is very expressive and communicates a lot of information just through pure contour.

Well done! Keep it up!

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