Around 30/40 minutes drawing

by Saburton33, February 14th 2019 © 2019 Saburton33

I paused the class and forgot so I’m not sure how long this took, I feel that I emphasized the curve of the spine too much and this affected the rest of the composition. Do you agree? Any other advice would be very welcome, thank yo


Hi Saburton!

I too have fallen prey to pausing and forgetting. I guess it just shows how easy it is to get immersed in these drawings! :D

You do a great job at defining the feet in this piece, which is something I find often gets pushed to the side when people are on a time limit. The fact that you have spent time working in the extremities like this makes the drawing feel more like a finished piece.

As you said on the spine, it is a little exaggerated. It's not necessarily always bad to exaggerate features for the sake of impact, but in this case, I think it is compounded by the fact that the bum-to waist ratio is pretty wild. I didn't see the original so I obviously can't say how accurate it is. It's just that for me, the super thin waist that bends in at the spine jumped out as slightly off in a 'Rob Liefeld's Goddessy' sort of way.

But other than that, I think this is a really lovely piece. The profile of the face is well defined and you do a great job of communicating the strain of the pose by using heavy contrast towards the bottom of the figure.

You're doing so well - keep it up!


Wow, thank you so much! That is such a detailed and encouraging comment, I agree with you about the waist to bum ratio but thank you for all the positive words!

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