20 minutes

by Saburton33, February 14th 2019 © 2019 Saburton33

i had some trouble with the angle of the head as it was actually tilted slightly away


try laying out guide lines before you draw facial features to make sure you get the angle right. An eye line and a center line will help you visualize where things will go

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Kim - Site admin

There seems to be some issues with proportion in this image. I would say, even though shading is very fun and tempting, take the time that you are using for shading and instead use it on a second pass to measure the body parts against each other. :) For example - how big is the hand in relation to a foot in actuality? How big is it in your image? How wide is the arm in comparison to the neck? To the thigh? Holding your pencil up in front of you with a straight arm, and using your pencil to measure the photo can be really helpful for this exercise.

Great work, keep going! :)


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