by zdim, February 16th 2019 © 2019 zdim

Hey Zdim!

This looks sweet! I really like how you've gotten the shape of the head accurate, and the outline of the portrait is confident and clear. I think what you could work on is perhaps instead of completing scratchy lines for the hair, your could group the clumps in shapes, and shade the values appropriately, allowing for the hair to have more form, and to give the entire piece more unity. Also, some of your shadows could be pushed further (meaning be darker), to allow for a more impactful drawing. Finally, the clothing could use more work, and perhaps further studying how clothing folds and creates shadow could enhance your work. Take this all with a grain of salt, this is just from what I've learnt and I'm by no means a master.


Hi Healoz!

Thanks for your view ans advices, I should be less shy with shading, the hair is indeed the low part of this drawing. It will come with practicing.

Thanks a lot to have taken time for this!

Mx. Abi


I agree with Healoz's critique.

I have drawn this model more times than I can count and I immediately recognized them. You got the eys, the cheeks an the nose spot on perfect. Pure profile is pretty challenging and you did well.

My advice is a little more general

Trust yourself. I can see where you were confident and I can see where you were not. Around the eyes and the mouth you really took your time and show your skill. The neck and the hair, and the clothing. This is either a lack of confidence or boredom.

If it is a lack of confidence then you need to trust yourself. You have the skills.

If it is boredom, something that has happened to me. Put the drawing down and come back later when you have the interest in that part of the drawing.

I also suggest that you explore some options with shading.

Blending tools are as diverse as the artists who use them. I have luck with chamoise cloth and acrylic brushes. You can have have a light touch when you want to. The eyes show that clearly. The outline is a hard line. And I don't know if that is a deliberate choice or not. If it is, lean into it and really make it on purpose. If not, then pull back a little and trust yourself.

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Hello HornetOfJustice !

Thank you ! I'll try to fade more, i have a tool for this but I never dared to use it directly on faces, I should try it now.

Have a nice day !

Mx. Abi

There are a lot of tools and you should just play around.

I tried blending stumps - I personally hate them more than mayonaise.

Then one day I saw a you tube video where someone used an acrylic brush and I tried it and I fell in love. you can get really soft blending that way.

Cheap brushes from micheals. You can buy the cheapo pack, or pick a few from the beginner level. I also use graphite powder. You can buy it. Or, I am cheap. and I like woodless pencils so I save the graphite shavings.

Or a graphite stick, and you rub the brush on the stick and then on your page. Because you are not pressing down the tooth of the paper the blending can be more forgiving with your kneaded eraser.

I did this yesterday


Now, the BLACK in the image is NOT graphite, it is carbon graphite. And when you really want to punch up the darks it's the way to go to increase your range. Because graphite never gets truly black. And the harder you press the more you flatten your paper and hte more you are likely to develop graphite sheen.

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Hi HornetOfJustice!

Your drawing is incredible ! You have great skills, reading your advices and seeing your work is motivating !

Have a nice day!