by zdim, February 22nd 2019 © 2019 zdim
Lincoln Costa

Very good draw! I think you can train more hair, give more attention to clothes and reflect on it. The expression is fine.


Thank you Lincoln !


Hi Zdim!

You have captured a great expression in this piece and I especially love the tension in the chin that helps to communicate the upturned bottom lip. The range of contrast from dark to light is also very effective. I often see people going in with either too heavy or too light of a hand but you have a good range of value in this peice.

To continue your studies, I would think about studying facial proportion and relationships. You can hold out your pencil and measure how big certain things are in comparison to one another or in comparison to the whole head. You can also use a weighted piece of string to figure out the vertical relationships. For example, the centre of the eyes usually line up with the corners of the mouth. Mapping some of these relationships down in your under drawing can take some of the strain off later.

To me, the strongest part of this drawing is the eyes and eyebrows. They are so expressive and also very individual to this person (as opposed to being a generic symetrical eye). The indivudual strands of hair picked out in the brow is a great point of composition. The extra detail draws us in to the eyes first.

Great work! Keep it up!


Hi Pochik !

Thanks a lot for your comment !

I take good note of your advices, it motivates me to keep on working and progressing every week.

Have a nice day !