Gesture hands 4

by Remnantwolf, September 18th 2018 © 2018 Remnantwolf

Done as part of a 1 hour class.

My current goal is: A mix of many, to develop my style via the better understanding of the human body, as well as loosen up my art going forward. Learning the basics is big for a guy who wants to learn hand drawn animation

Tried hatching this time, really enjoy working with that for shading from time to time... though I'm not fully experianced with it. Still fun though.

Sanne - Site moderator

Hey Remnantwolf, I really like this class's results! :) You've done a good job at deconstructing the hands and feet into shapes and building on that.

I'm wondering if your mixed goal is making it harder or easier on you to reach it though. Developing one's own style can happen organically and through dedicated practice, but if you lack the foundation of proper anatomy there's a risk that you'll develop your own style but get a lot of things wrong in favor of style over accuracy. (For example, I started out copying manga style characters with less knowledge of real anatomy, and almost 18 years later I'm still struggling to get real anatomy correct because I trained my brain to go with my style instead of learning anatomy.)

If you start to notice you're getting frustrated with your gestures because you're not progressing towards your goals, try to chop it up and focus on getting the anatomy correct before you stylize it. Best of luck!


Thanks, I understand what people mean, and really It's making me think I misworded my goals. Fact is I have a pretty solid look that is pretty prevelant in my work, so really this is all about going back to do things on a more... intensionally realistic level, even though I'm not usually fond of doing so.

Fact is though, I've found my current approach to be rather effective. As everything I've done has gone back to my what I'm working on outside the sight rather well, my week on bodies saw imediate results in both form and antomy, my week of faces showed me new ways to add depth and shadow to the face that imeidately popped up in my work, and my week on hands has, even before it's end, corrected a lot of issues with how I do hands. I may have a "Style" that I enjoy, but I've always taken the time to learn and consider correct anatomy, even if I haven't always done it right (Who does on the first try anyway?) but in doing these once a day do I refine, see new chances at coloring, shading, and adding to what I already have.

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