hand block practice

by Toonrog99, February 21st 2019 © 2019 Toonrog99

Here's a quick block of hand practice, that is of a more robotic looking than what I had visioned in my head....but oh well, it is a start.


Really great work on the construction lines. A lot of people go straight in with the final drawing and suffer for it later, so its great that you put in the preparation. The gap between the thumb and fingers is angled as it should be, away from the other fingers. That's another common mistake so well done for avoiding it.

To continue your study, I suggest thinking next about the join between the hand and the wrist. There should be just a little more space between the fingers and the wrist to allow room for the palm on the opposite side, and that will also allow you space to taper down the size of the hand towards the slimmer wrist area. Another small touch you might like to add is the wrist bone. This bone is on the same side of the hand as the little finger and sits on the join between the hand and wrist.

You've made a great start on getting the general finger shapes right too. They stay a fairly consistent size from base to tip and that gives the hand a muscular, robust feel.

Keep up the good work.

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Hey, I can see that there is an issue with the thumb placement, I think the hand would look less blocky if you placed it much lower next time. The general rule of thumb(ha!) is that the thumb starts "branching out" just below the wrist. I edited your image to show you what I mean ->https://imgur.com/rs2W7xZ

Hope it helps :)

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