silent movie character

by Toonrog99, January 9th 2019 © 2019 Toonrog99

Played by the late great Mr. Lon Chaney of his portral of The Phantom of the Opera.


This was way more fun than i thought it would be. I did this within the window of 10min's or less. My arm is the shadow crossing this picture, so should i repost this for better critiques?...

Now from me this is nice but the left side could use some shoring up and the eyes are not perfect, but the attidute is what i was going for, as again this is from my recollection from the movie frame of when is jerks off his mask to the camera.

Meijin Bell

It's a good base, but it needs more definite lines. As is, the face is a bit too soft/and smudgy. Even so, you did a great job conveying expression! I'd recommend going back and laying some harder lines, maybe with a pen or stronger pencil, to really bring out the features.

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His eyes are way off, and if I did not have my arm shadow in the way it would have been clearer, and you are right about the use of a darker pen or pencil use. But I do love to smudge, smudge, smudge......let me try a charcoal stick sometime and smudge with that, as I did that with a char stick years ago and I loved it, as the smoothness of the stick layed down my strokes with it like nothing I had expericenced with pencils at that time. So wish me luck.

My next one may or may not be Boris Karloffs version of the Frankenstien monster, but when I don't know. Anyways, cheers and a million thanks for the critique !


Well, i have not done the Boris Karloff version of the Frankenstein monster...and am not sure if i ever will......oh well.

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