1 minute Gestures

by Dre123, February 21st 2019 © 2019 Dre123

Done as part of a 30-minute class.

My current goals are:

*Reducing stiffness in my basic poses to feel more dynamic, energetic, and fluid


*Anatomy and construction when transitioning from the line of action poses to full anatomical poses


The poses in this page are really dynamic and fluid. I especially like the one in the middle right as the weight through the front leg is apparent and the hunch of the back really adds to that feeling of strain.

The gap between the rib cage and hips is a little elongated but as this is a quick warm-up it isn't a big issue. You might enjoy a different exercise I've tried where the hip is drawn as a horizontal line instead of a circle. It's a great way to visualise weight distribution.

In the bottom left drawing, I really like the vertical relationship between the head and foot. It adds a sense of balance to the pose and makes the figure seem more stable.

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Thank you Pochik!