Faces & Expressions

by Dre123, March 3rd 2019 © 2019 Dre123

Done as part of a 30-minute class.

My current goal is improving on:

*Basic head (skull) and facial construction from various angles

* Correct facial anatomy and spacing to get the correct facial likeness

Mx. Abi

I have been using Line Of Action for about 2 years now and I am familiar with all of the portrait models and most of the images that are used.

And I recognize all 3 models for the 5 and 10 minute portraits. The red head has a tricky chin and you nailed it.

Your goal is correct anatomy and spacing to get a good likenes - I declare success.

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Thanks. I get a bit unsure around the triangular spacing of the eyes nose and mouth. I think taking your previous advice of looking at my art in a mirror may help with this. Great advice!

Cherry Lust

tengo bastante admiracion por ti , has hecho un excelente trabajo de retrato , las caras aveces se nos dificultan a mucho pero tu clavaste en lo indicado , las proporciones y sus expresiones no se ven planas, tienen esa expresion que se quiere transmitir en el dibujo

incluso la perspectiva es ideal , manejas muy bien ese tema , si puedes intenta dibujar algunas con cuello , para ver si puedes darle como movimiento , ayudara un poco mas para guiarte en como deberia estar el cuerpo

excelente trabajo!


Gran consejo, gracias!