Day One

by Shirru, March 6th 2019 © 2019 Shirru

Done as part of a practice session with poses of 5 minutes in length. My current goal is: Improve at correctly capturing the overall proportions of the human form

Cherry Lust

bastante bueno , adoro como retrataste los cuerpos femeninos sus curvas son bastante suaves y no se ven forzadas para nada , sus hombros o piernas no estan rigidos y no se ve como si estuviera pegado al papel , si no ,que tiene esa profundidad

Muy buen trabajo

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Hi Zuzka,

Thank you for sharing your lovely figures! They are really expressive and there is so much confidence in your bold lines. You do an especially good job at using line weight to give a basic sense of lighting.

Have you considered doing some quick studies of hands and feet too? In just 5 minutes, I understand that it is usually not possible to add in detailed extremities to full figures. But I have personally found that this can lead to hand and foot anatomy being neglected. That said, your profile picture suggests that you already have that covered! :)

Another thing I love in these is the way you have blocked out some areas of light and shadow with a sharp contour (especially on the large figure top and centre). I would love to see how you transpose that to detailed shading in longer studies.

Your art is amazing! Keep it up!

-Pochik x


Thank you for your suggestions! You're right, I should focus a bit more on hands and feet as they can add a lot of expression into the whole pose. Maybe I'll make that my focus this week :)

As for the profile pic, I had to use reference for the hand since it was giving me a lot of trouble...

I'm trying to work with shadows more as well, thank you for noticing ^^


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