Day 3

by Shirru, March 9th 2019 © 2019 Shirru

I can see improvement, and that makes me happy. Things to work on;

- the likeness of faces, somehow even though faces look pretty good, they do not look like the person they are based on.

- Proportions, I think I am starting to notice my problem when drawing from reference. Sometimes I focus too much on one point and draw in a scale of 1:1 even though I started drawing in 1:2 or 1:3.

Chibi Zaké

I apologize in advance if my english isn't perfect. (I'm french)

I particulary like the pose from your imagination, it's smooth and dynamic. Maybe it will interesting if her head was more straight ?

In 5 minutes the girl is pretty good, but (I haven't see the picture) it's strange not to see her left arm at all and I have the impression that her right arm is too "big" (just after the shoulder, it's too bouncing / round)

I have the same problem in details (drawing too big or small a part) so I haven't advice for this, sorry. I think that it mustn't be forgotten to stare the global drawing regularly.


Don't worry, your English is pretty good :)

I see what you mean about her arm being strange, it looks like it does connect properly. Its to keep a timed drawing fluid while also keeping the anatomy correct.

As to drawing too big or too small, I found that If I limit the space by drawing in a square or a rectangle it is a little better. It forces me to draw smaller :)

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