by Rosenhips, September 20th 2018 © 2018 Rosenhips

Hello all.

I am a new member to Line of action, and my goal is to better understand anatomy, so that I can create better poses from imagination.

After watching Proko's video on Mannequinisation, I have done a few exercises in order to define structure in the figure.

Any feedback/ critique would be appreciated, and thank you in advance.


Kim - Site admin

Hey Rosenhips! This looks like a pretty successful first attempt at Mannequinization. I can clearly see the 3d form of each individual trunk and limb.

I suspect this aspect of the exercise distracted you from paying attention to proportions, however! Although each limb looks individually fine, when taken as a whole figure, many of them look out of proportion to each other. That's okay though, it happens when you shift your focus and try something new. I would say keep working at mannequinization for a few sessions before trying to pull back and find a balance between the two exercises. :)


Hello Kim,

Thanks very much for your critique. I went back to watch Proko's video on Mannequinisation, and I saw that I needed to simplify the body into shapes.

In these studies, there's too much contouring and not enough simple shapes, so I will also work on this, as well as your feedback.

Thanks again,


Mike Katar

Like Kim has said, you have drawn the single parts pretty well, but you have some issues with keeping the proportions right between the different parts.

Some advice I can give you about that:

1)Try to study the proportion of the body with simple standing poses. You can have a better idea of the different lenghts and proportion if you use simple poses.

2)when you use dynamic poses (like those), before diving into details, contours and shapes, try to make some lines and to fix some points VERY loosely of the whole figure. Once you fixed your points of reference (like the total height of the figure, the lenght of the limbs etc.) you can start refining the drawing. It's very difficult to keep the proportions right if you go piece by piece and don't establish the correct proportions first. It will save you a lot of work and time =)


Hi Mike, thanks for the feedback.

I agree with the proportions issue, so I will work on that. I've redone the mannequinisation exercise, so I will be uploading those shortly.



Looks like you really have a handle on fluidity and motion, even in "static" poses. Good job! I would work on ensuring the head is proportionate to the body; they look a tad bit small in these sketches


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