Mannequinisation II

by Rosenhips, September 23rd 2018 © 2018 Rosenhips

Hello all, Thanks very much on the feedback from my 1st post.

I've gone back to the same mannequinisation exercise, and I think the shapes are a more simplified this time. As for the proportion, I think I may need some more opinions.

Feedback / critique, is appreciated as always.



Proportions look good! If anything, i'd say experiment with different body types; start drawing people who are short, lanky, heavyset, elderly, etc. so you can get an idea of how body proportions can change depending on one's body type.


Hi Pilot,

Thanks for the suggestion and feedback. I've had a go at drawing the proportions of overweight people, and it was a bit of a challenge, but worth it.

Thanks again.



I agree with Pilot. I'd try to go a step further and connect the joins according how the muscles would attach, from there on you could experiment with shading and develop first full shaded characters.


Hello Yuuxoon,

That's a good idea to take it further, but I'm not very familiar with the muscles just yet. Maybe it's worth a look around online for references for the muscles.

Thanks for the feedback.



take it easy, you don't have to make it perfect at first. What matters is to make mistakes, because thanks to them we develop our understanding.


A good place to learn anatomy: it's free and lets you explore the entire body in 3d. =)


Thanks very much for the link, Line! Really good and helpful resource!


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