One of my first tries at Figure Drawing

by Tech Classicman7, May 21st 2019 © 2019 Tech Classicman7

Hello i'm a artist whose had a on and off again relationship with drawing or art in general, but now i've really gotten re-interested and am on a grind so any all advice and critique is very necessary.

Thank you

Polyvios Animations

Dear CptKamel,

Great job on your choice of post. Did you do these figures in 45s each? If you drew those figures in 45 seconds, wouldn't it be helpful if you did them in 30 secs twice as much of your sets please?

Hope it'll be more than helpful for your next session.

Good night and cheers,


Polyvios Animations

Sorry, typo,

It's Tech Classicman7.


Tech Classicman7

Well, all of these are 30s and some I couldn't finish because I think I was focusing on details too much. Also sorry about taking so long to reply and thank you for the advice.

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