Would like a little feedback if that's cool!

by klumpypotamus, September 26th 2018 © 2018 klumpypotamus

Done as part of a thirty minute session. Want to improve on my posing to aid my animation as well as my proportions. this was my ten minute study at the end.

Hard to improve in a vaccuum and it always sugests uploading images after the session so thought I'd give this a go. Let me know what you think can be improved, please!


I really like how balanced the figure feels on the box! However, it doesn't really look "solid" to me. I feel like more consistent shadow placement would make it feel a lot more 3D.

Sanne - Site moderator

Hi klumpypotamus!

Awesome of you to share and reach out for critique! It's one of the better ways to improve for sure.

I really like how long and elegant the figure looks. However, there is also a lot of stiffness and proportions that aren't true to life. I see some structure lines to define the limbs and torso, but nothing that really looks like it's supposed to create a cohesive form underneath the figure's outlines.

For your future gesture practices, I recommend focusing on shorter gestures (30 to 90 seconds) and trying to capture the essential building blocks of a figure so you can train your brain to break down a figure into compartments that connect properly. Turn the parts of the body into shapes. For example, the torso consists of three main parts: the ribcage, the pelvis, and the area between the ribcage and pelvis that allows for flexibility. The ribcage and pelvis can be drawn as boxes, and the space between them can be a ball joint. (Think of the drawing mannequins!)

Doing the same for the limbs can help bring proportion to your gestures. From there on out, you can build on these blocks to create a full figure study that looks proportionally correct.

I hope this helps!

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Mx. Abi

I completely agree with all of this feedback - you are spot on.

Kim - Site admin

A great first upload! It's clear which pose you were tackling. :)

Bouncing off the comment about shadows from Retrodictionary, I also note that you only appear to have one or two values in play in this drawing. That's not too surprising for a 10 minute drawing, but I might suggest doing some pencil exercises such as this one: https://line-of-action.com/article/master-pencil

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