10 min kitten

by Ecnahcylnoeno, July 10th 2019 © 2019 Ecnahcylnoeno
Lee Brush2015

I think this kitten has some wonderful character! I feel that the eyes could use a little bit of attention, by giving them eyelids and defined irises you can bring a lot of life to this little face, but otherwise this is very good for only ten minutes.


I love kittens! But this one seems to have turned out a little too scary, or maybe wet. (I assume that wasn't your aim based on the hearts) I suggest doing the rough sketch with a light pencil and then defining it with the black fine liner, but remember - cats are fluffy, and there shouldn't be as many clumps. It seems like you wanted to put a lot of detail in not much time. I have the same problem, but I know it will be overcome!


Thanks for the critique. The cat in the picture was wet, which is why his fur is so clumpy. Will keep the tips in mind!

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