Day 5 of consistent practicing!

by Ecnahcylnoeno, July 13th 2019 © 2019 Ecnahcylnoeno


I used refrence photos from to draw these guys. I didn't time myself when drawing them, I just took my time. If I had to guess though, they each took about 20-25min. I'm less impressed with the quality, and more impressed that I've kept this up for 5 days! I'm pretty sure that's my longest streak. I'm already noticing slight improvement and I'm excited to put my skills to use in future artworks. Any CC is welcome!


Congrats on keeping up with it! I can see some really good things here, like the way you’ve made the front legs flow in a curve, something a lot of people forget to do. It’s also great that you’re playing around with different shapes and breeds. Anatomy wise, I would be careful of your ear and muzzle placement. The features seem to be a little squished; the ears to sit too low on the head and the muzzle is slightly too wide. Try to stay away from the harsh “smiling” cat face lines, and you’ll start getting a more natural looking mouth.

Keep up the good work!


Matteo Misceo

Hey there! Personally I think the sketches are great, nice flow of properties in the full body sketches of the cats. Remember that foundation lines are your friends. I would sugest starting out with some light sketch lines with a 6H-2H pencil before you start inserting features like the eyes and muzzle. that will help keep your perportions in line with the pictures your refrencing.

Keep on sketching friend!


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