by Nsto, July 20th 2019 © 2019 Nsto

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

My current goal is: Improve at correctly capturing the overall proportions of the human form


Well, i will tell you the truth, I do think you have reached your goal, because those proportions look amazing to me!

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thank you so much.


Vas por muy buen camino, sigue practicando de esa manera y lo dominarás. Estaría bien que complementaras el estudio práctico con un poco de estudio teórico, ya sean con libro de Andrew Loomis o cualquier fuente de información de calidad que trate el tema de las proporciones o del que tú quieras tratar concretamente. Saludos!


gracias guillermo


I think you're doing great at capturing the flow of the basic body shape, particularly the spine & thorax. The lines are simple and the shapes help understand the form in three dimensions. One thing I feel you should work on in the 30 second drawings is including more of the arms and legs, which are often critical to establishing a pose more fully. You don't necessarily have to draw all the limbs, but at least the ones that show what the person is doing and go int the overall flow of the pose.

Your proportions are mostly accurate, but I think you could improve on distributing detail in the longer drawings - for example, in both of the five-minute drawings, you draw the legs in detail but not the arms. Perhaps standing back for a few seconds and looking at your work can help you see where you need to put your effort, so you don't end up with disproportionately detailed figures.

The final 10-minute drawing looks quite good, although it's a little hard to understand the exact positioning of the figure relative to its surroundings. You could imply some surroundings with a few lines, for example showing that the figure is leaning on some kind of box or is positioned on a ramp. Anatomy-wise it is rather accurate, with one area I think may need improvement - the arms and shoulder region. There are several things that look off about them, particularly the curvature relative to the body and the outline of the shoulders. Since you seem to have missed out on arms in a lot of the sketches, maybe you should spend some time studying arm anatomy?

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thank you so much for your critique it really helps me and I totally agree with everything you said.

thank you so much again.