i would love some critiques, day-5

by Nsto, July 24th 2019 © 2019 Nsto

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

My current goal is: Improve at correctly capturing the overall proportions of the human form



The first thing I noticed is that the drawings seem to be small. Judging by the line thickness, I would guess the page you used was something like an A4, right? Even if it was bigger and I guessed wrong, for me there's a bit too much going on for one page.

Yes, I know of people who did fairly minsicule studies in their sketchbooks (check out Sinix's sketchbook tour on YouTube), and they became amazing in a span of a short period of time, so feel free to ignore me, if you see fit.

So I'm preparing to get into an art uni, and in every uni in my country the exam process is done on 100x70 cm paper, a huge piece of paper for a portrait and a full figure. They ask this for a reason: the bigger the drawing, the easier it is to point out what went wrong. Also, a bigger paper forces you to draw from the shoulder, because drawing from the shoulder let's you do lines that are longer while still being confident. Moreover, I find drawing from the shoulder results in more dynamic and natural poses. (Also, reduces the chance of you getting Carpel Tunnel's Syndrome. Which you should avoid if possible. Nasty.)

If for nothing else, I would recommend fewer bigger drawings on one page because that makes critiquing easier. I'm on a laptop right now and I had to 200% the whole webpage to be able to see.

As a last point: your line quality is pretty fine, also you work with few strokes, which is also a good thing, if I can see what you drew then I can see some solid work. Is far as I can say, you are on a right track. Keep on going!


thank you so much for the critique, and yes i will change that for sure ill make my drawings bigger thank you so much