Reed 4/13/20 30 sec. Gestures 1

by Areed2, April 14th 2020 © 2020 Areed2
Polyvios Animations

Nice job on your 30 sec sketches, Areed2. But I've got one small, small suggestion: Can you do 4 more sketches, of 29 seconds each, pretty please? Because, so that you'll be really, really fast and confident with your lines of action. Shall you do that?

Polyvios Animations

104 Erro

I really like it, but maybe space them out a bit, and use a few different colors. But over all a 9/10!!


The figures are balanced with good support for the center of gravity in each case. The spine is curving like it is supposed to in a gentle "S" curve. It is like a bow, around the ribs it curves outward toward the back around the lungs and rib cage, below the ribs and above the pelvis it is a short curve in the opposite direction. The legs seem to have proper proportion near the top of your page but seem short compared to the figure near the bottom of the page. It is good you are practicing action in the figure poses.


I like how you used a charcoal pencil or just regular charcoal sketch. It is difficult to erase your mistakes, but it looks amazing so far.