by Cmcgavren, April 20th 2020 © 2020 Cmcgavren

60 minute pose drawn with pastel on tinted paper. Figure twists torso to reach back while seated. Pastels in white, yellow ochre, and black plus the gray tint of the paper are the colors used on the figure.


I love how you used the colors to capture the highlights and shadows! I would double-check the proportions on both the right leg and right arm, they seem a little short and skinny. I think you captured the movement of the model really well.

Dandelion Jam

This drawing looks great, but i agree that the proportions of the right leg are off. I also think the left foot looks a bit awkward, i think the angle of the ankle and the toes is a bit off, especially since his entire body weight would be on that foot.

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