by Cmcgavren, April 20th 2020 © 2020 Cmcgavren

60 minute pose drawn with pastel on tinted paper. Figure twists torso to touch heel while legs spread in a yoga pose. Pastels in white, yellow ochre, and black plus the brown tint of the paper are the colors used on the figure.


Hey Cmcgavren!

First of it's pretty nice you were working with pastels on tinted paper. Playing around with materials is always a good thing, keep that up!

Overall the proportions seem to be a bit off, either the torso is too long or the limps too short. It's nice that you worked with values there, i can clearly see what the darks, midtones and the lights are but it looks overworked. Consider that sometimes less is more, i think you might benefit from a simple excercise which is: Draw your figure, object whatever and then try to split it into only lights and darks, no midtones, no smudging, softening edges or whatever, just group your shadows and light and group them in.

I can see you got quite a bit of understanding for the human form and volumens but in this particalluar drawing it's not very clear when there is a change in direction and when there is not.

And again try simplyfiing the figure, it might help if you'd just use linework instead of a more painterly approach. Which is completely fine and a good practice too but for beeing a good painter it is essential to get your drawing fundamentals right.

And last but not least you anatomy is off, but that's easy to fix, just keep on studyiing and grinding! :)

I hope i could give you some helpfull advice! Just keep up working! Good Job!

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