25 minute figure drawing

by Rstevie, May 7th 2020 © 2020 Rstevie

I spent the majority of the time on the torso, as a result I feel the feet and hands were rushed. I'm still getting use to this time limit on drawing.


Hi! This is a well-done piece. The body proportions are accurate and show understanding of the body's anatomy and landmarks. The torso and the arms are the most well-drawn. The shading is also sufficient in representing the form of the body. The only critique I could give is to further refine the shading and the hands but this is understandable given the 25-minute limit. Keep up the good work! Hope to see more drawings from you.


I agree with Zuolingzheng, well done! I like the hair and thigh, you really make her solid with that core shadow and reflected light. Two things I thought about are the smudged legs, to me it looks flat because the lack of a gradient build up, like you have on your thigh. And Tangents, look at how the forearms join together with the arms in one line, if you'd just push it a little bit more to the left or right I think this would work, to make it less confusing. Try avoid lines like this at all costs, if the pose is wrong we change it. But like I said, well done!


I absolutly love the way you did this. You can see where the light is pointing at through the value that is layered so beautifully on her body. The body proportions seem really accurate. You can see through the line work the amount pactience you had. To be honest in the end it was worth it. Keep going with your work.


Thank you, Andrea95. I'm still getting use to the time limitation.

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Exceptional study, Rsteve, as yet, I've got one smallest request: Why don't you go for yet another 1 hour class of figure studies, if you may pretty please??? The reason why is because you're gonna get better with your hands and feet, of your next life drawings. Hope and pray that it'll work out really, really, very well.

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