10 Minute Figure Drawing

by Rstevie, May 10th 2020 © 2020 Rstevie

Tried to capture the figure with accuracy and turn the form with shading. Any tips on how to get proportion down on paper quickly?


Very nice! I like the head a lot, very simple yet solid. To capture the proportions quickly is something I struggle with myself, what I've found works for me is landmarks and trying to get the "blueprint" down as fast as possible, correct the landmarks or structure and then go into your drawing more seriously when you feel like the proportions are correct (which needs a lot of pratice to get right, landmarks and anatomy go hand in hand; but you don't have to get super serious about anatomy, just understanding the landmarks helps a ton with proportions). Hope I don't badger you with too many things you already know and good luck!

Polyvios Animations

Nicer of a nicer job, Rstevie, yet, I've got one most smallest request: Why don't you loosen up your human study gesture in 30 seconds, with just your shoulder, rather than your wrist. And do you know why?????? It's because you'll get a lot of funnier poses that way. Also, you'll have a more than better time focusing on your gestures. And furthermore, look up a copy of Mike Matesi's Book on Drawing Forces. I hold that it'll completely and absolutely benefits your next study.

Polyvios Animations


Thank you for the suggestion, I've looked into the Force method and I can see the difference in my guester drawings already.

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